American Legends

A tribute to the King and Wanda Jackson

Chris Watson
CC Jerome’s Jetsetters
Hillbilly Stringpickers
American Legends
The Lennerockers
Big Caz & the 4 Bobs
Haley's New Comets
Crazy Cadillac
Miss Mary Ann
The Shakin' Arrows
Rene Shuman
Chuck Memphis

A musical show with Elvis’ “Aloha Show” and a tribute to the 'Queens of Rock & Roll' performed by Shannah, and the band “Of Course”, complete with brass section and backing vocals.

It's Elvis!!!!

Screams many folks when they first see the show.
In Fact many people can't believe their eyes.
His strong resemblance to the King has gotten him attention from all over the world.
But it’s not just another pretty face!
His voice is just as unbelievable.


A Show filled with the songs made famous by Elvis, with authentic reproduction costuming. we reprises Elvis in his later period -- the 1970's when jumpsuits and flashy Las Vegas-style shows were en vogue.

Kees has been performing his tribute to the King, Elvis Presley, for some years now and has built an excellent reputation around the globe as arguably the best in the business.
With a voice that most Elvis stylists would die for, together with costume and every move that mimics the King makes you truly believe you are watching Elvis himself!

Into That's Alright

Burning Love

The band

OF COURSE, founded in 1987, is one of those bands who combine a well balanced mixture of  'old-time' Rock & Roll & Sixties.
On demand the band can be expanded with a 3-piece brass section and backing vocals.

Info and/or bookings:  + 31 181 324310  or mailto: