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Started as a hobbyband in 1996, Big Caz & the 4 Bobs has since grown into a well functioning Rock ’n Roll sensation.

The music which is performed, dates from the late fifties and early sixties.

Big hits from e.g. Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, The Shadows and many others are completely brought back to life again.


The whole idea is: Only music isn’t enough, something has to happen!
By doing so, the performances are characterized by atmosphere, show and spectacle for young and old.

The band contains a mixture of young talent and musicians with a lot of experience.
Singer/Showmaster: Man with biggest quiff Casimir ‘Big Caz’ Paulides.
Lead/rhythm guitar: The expert Ad ‘Be Bob’ van den Meijdenberg.
Lead/rhythm guitar: Rock ’n Roll hero Menno ‘Guitar Bob’ Kuijpers.
Drums: Mr. Rhythm Dick ‘Dig’ Bon.
Bass: Bandleader Gerard ‘Old Bob’ van Bokhoven.

A fantastic Rock ’n Roll evening? Big Caz & the 4 Bobs go for it ….!!  

Info and/or bookings:  + 31 181 324310  or mailto: