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A group of enthusiastic girls set up the first girl band in Europe playing exclusively country music 20 years ago.
Of course to this day the composition of the band has changed many times.

The band appeared on the European stage for the first time in 1989.
Since then they have had almost 500 appearances in many European countries and lately also outside Europe.
On their tours Country Sisters have visited more than 20 countries.
Most frequently they perform in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, in the Benelux member countries and in Denmark. Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia belong to the more exotic countries in which the band performed.
Some of these countries have been visited several times which evidently acknowledges the success they have had there.

The band has been playing in its latest composition since 2000.
All ladies from the band are usually gifted musically and in dancing.
In a very colourful programme you will find a succession of all country music styles from traditional classical country style to the latest modern hits, cajun, bluegrass and gospel to rock 'n' roll.

Their wireless transmission for instruments and microphones enables a great freedom of movement and dancing in country style on stage.
The ladies use this advantage to the full satisfaction of the audience.

Specially built white musical instruments, change of costumes and a close contact with the audience makes a perfect impression possible.
A great contribution to the quality of the show is the fact that at present the band has 4 vocalists and each of them can play at least two different instruments.
Their show is simply unique and outstanding.

COUNTRY SISTERS have recently returned from their second tour of Australia. Highlight of this tour was their performance at the TAMWORTH-COUNTRY MUSIC-AUSTRALIA festival which is Australia's biggest country music festival.
COUNTRY SISTERS were been invited for a short tour of Iceland in April 2003 followed by a tour through Scandinavia and Denmark.
From theirtrip to Greenland (September 2002), the group took away unforgettable experiences from travelling around the country, will never forget the great audience in Greenland, and will gladly accept a return invitation to play a concert on the largest island in the world.

The Country Sisters have already released 7 CDs. The last one, entitled "YOU CAN MAKE ME HAPPY", was recorded in 2002, was released by BMG Czech republic and was on the market in all countries where the Country Sisters perform at the end of the same year.

Sonia, Monika, Lenka, Lucie, and Susan, collectively bearing the surname of the Country Sisters, meet all the requirements of good country music and a good show.

Everybody's welcome to our brand new SHOW with the COUNTRY SISTERS.

Come on and you will hear and see something that you will never forget.

Voor boekingen en/of informatie:  + 31 181 324310