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“Haley’s New Comets” take you on a trip back into the “Golden Age” of Rock’n’Roll.

Experience the wonderful music of Bill Haley, the Father of Rock’n’Roll, in an original fifties performance with original outfits and original sound – all combined with great stage acrobatics and perfect comedy entertainment.
Supported by the Original Comets, this band has the one and only permission to use their name and has been deemed by them worthy successors of their work.

For 20 years Joe "Bill" Clifton has been spending his life together with his big musical idol.
He doesn't play Haley - he lives Haley.
Not for nothing a Swiss fan thanked him after a concert with the words: "Your father was great, but you are awesome!"

His actor-classes are a benefit for his work with the audience.
As a perfect Master of Ceremonies he chats with the audience, always inventing new links to the next title, funny and surprising in a way keeping the people laughing the whole time through - or did you really know before that Duke Ellington's "Caravan" started as a warship beat in ancient Rome 2000 years ago!?

But main thing are his well-done interpretations of all the famous Haley titles in original sound, but always with his own color - a real Rock'n'Roller full of power, a "steam engine of Rock'n'Roll" as he was named by the music press.

 Matt "Rudy" Whitley performs the legendary Haley sax player Rudy Pompilli, whose stunning stage acrobatics and wild sax solos were one of the reasons for Haley's worldwide success.
Matt steps into his footprints and doesn't even hesitate to climb up into the stage rigg for a great solo!

Only few guitar players worldwide play Danny Cedrone's brilliant guitar solo in "Rock Around The Clock" (one of the most difficult ones in music history) as perfect as Noby does.
He performs in this revue the legendary lead guitar player Franny Beecher.

Mani Lytle gets his double bass swinging as good as his idol, Haley bass player Marshall Lytle, playing it whilst jumping on his instrument, lying under or climbing over it. The audience celebrates every changing position...

 Jeff Ballin plays same as the Haley pianist Johnny Grande not only his piano in perfection but also the accordion - an instrument that set the rhythm in the early Haley songs.

 Hugh "Bam Bam" Cellarhope shares the fate of all drummers: always giving the rhythm to the band he has to stay in the background - alwys trying to escape out of his role for being only one time of his life in the front light - just really funny.

18 years of "Bill Haley Revival" means more than 1,000 gigs all over Europe - from Bristol to Warsaw, from Helsinki to the Canary Islands.
It means over 16,000 played songs, double basses “flying” through the air, drums “walking” across the stage, saxophones “leaping” over tables and guitar strings ringing to a rhythm that even after 50 years hasn't lost its thrill.
Music that even today makes fans jump off their chairs and girls faint by the dozens.

Don't miss this absolutely spectacular and crazy Rock'n'Roll Show - your audience will love it!