Lights Out


Wild Rockabilly met Lights Out

Een ‘rockin trio’ uit the Midlands....
Inmiddels toeren alweer zo’n 10 jaar door Engeland en in diverse landen van West Europa.
Zij spelen a mix van Rock n Roll, Doowop and Rockabilly

De band bestaat Dan Cotton – Contrabas & zang, Craig Cotton – sologitaar & zand en Lee Cotton - drums & zang.
Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden: dit zijn allen zonen van The Jets (GB).

De band werd opgericht in 1996 tijdens een Kerstfeest bij de Cotton familie  (Cotton is de familienaam van de gebroeders die The Jets vormen) en zij noemden zich toen the Bad Boys.
Over waar zij kwamen oogstten zij al veel succes en zijn ook vaak te beluisteren in het voorprogramma van hun ouders The Jets (GB).

Lights Out are an established 3 piece rock n roll/rockabilly act performing their own material and covers from the 50's and early 60's era.
The band have performed in front of crowds ranging from 250 - 2000 people in the UK and parts of Europe including festivals in Spain, France, Holland and Germany.
Lights Out are an energetic outfit and can guarantee you a great night of rock n roll.....

22/02/2008 Lights Out have recently been in the studio recording some new material with more of a modern twist but not losing the authentic rockabilly sound.

The band have recorded 3 songs on a demo format.
These songs are "Lights Out" (a very fast song with catchy lyrics and a explosive guitar riff), "Looking Back" (a tight and again lively song yet still raw and with a great feel) "You Got Nothing" (a very tight but laid back song with a powerful riff and a garage like sound).
Another song that it is soon to be recorded is "Curtains Up", this song written by bass player Dan Cotton is about going on stage at a really 'rough' joint is sure to keep you on your feet!

Lights Out Have now finished there Second album entitled 'Long Time Coming'

The new album has a mixture of songs to suit all audiences Jivers 'Why am i crying over you' a song written by Lead Singer Craig seems to be a popular choice and has packed dance floors through out others include jivers 'purr kitty' and 'lotta lovin'. 'Rosemarie' and 'Tell me why' are doo wop, and 'Turn my back on you' and 'Lights Out' give the album that bit of rockabilly to add to the Mix. If you have seen lights out live you will know exactly what to expect, a lively, raw, Enegetic Sound.


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